“Keep it Artsy” Collection

Following the norm is applauded in this world more than being unique. In some cases being unique is seen as a negative and often times that uniqueness is somehow suppressed by those afraid to do what those creatives have done. We believe the exact opposite should be happening. We believe each and every individual has their own tank of creative juices that should be drained to the fullest. Without such uniqueness and boldness many of the luxurious we enjoy today would be non-existent. We started this collection to collaborate with other artist and highlight the creatives in this industry. We wanted to give them a new out of the box canvas (ties) to showcase their creative talents. Keep it Artsy is a self explanatory title. We encourage people as a matter of fact, we implore people to find their “Artsy” and keep it. “Keeping it classy” is boring and discourages you to do what you were born to do. So to all my creatives out there. “KEEP IT ARTSY”!